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Easy forex margin call

Imagine a situation where someone could borrow hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to invest in a company. This could leave investors bankrupt and brokers losing large amounts of money. Note Rules can differ for certain types of traders or securities. For example, foreign exchange traders can leverage their trades up to for major currency pairs.

If your equity what you own is lower than that amount, your broker will initiate a margin call. Investors can also use cash accounts to pay for the securities bought. Cash investment accounts may come with additional restrictions, however.

Day-trading margin calls, or DT margin calls, are margin calls for people who day trade or buy and sell their positions on the same day. What is a margin account? When investors use a margin account , they can borrow money from their broker to increase their purchasing power. This means that you might want to open an account that is larger than the minimum withdrawal amount so that you may stay in the markets and keep your account open even if you withdraw some of your profits.

You have to remember, however, that a low account balance with a high leverage may make you more exposed to margin calls so it makes more sense to fork over a few more bucks to help you stay in your positions for much longer even with large price swings. Avoiding margin calls It might be helpful to think of trading as a business wherein being undercapitalized means that you're setting yourself up to fail. If his equity falls below this level, then his open positions would be closed automatically and he would shoulder the loss, even if it means getting his account wiped out.

Now keep in mind that USDCHF typically moves at an average of 70 pips per day, which means that volatility alone may be enough to erase such as a small account. The pair can even move pips against him and he'd still be able to avoid a margin call! Cost of Spread As mentioned earlier, the spread and other potential transactions fees also come into play when figuring out how much capital to start off with.

The reason is that these costs, although they might be minimal, may add up and affect your bottom line profitability. Of course it's also helpful to note how much leverage you're dealing with so as to not magnify these costs in such a way that it would slowly dig a hole in your account. Fortunately easyMarkets offers narrow and fixed spreads that may minimize these risks and trading costs. To help you with calculating how much capital you need to start with, we suggest looking at our table of spreads for each currency pair and financial instrument offered on our trading platforms here.

Trading Style Last but certainly not least is your trading style, which dictates how long you plan on keeping your positions open and how much volatility your account can withstand. If you're a swing trader that likes to keep trades open for days or weeks, you need to consider the average volatility of the pairs you are trading and make sure that these potential price swings may be weathered by your account.

Longer-term trading strategies may be more appropriate for larger accounts so that you can stay in the markets for much longer.

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