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Psi Armor , and a squad right behind them in case something goes wrong. Fighting an Ethereal at its own game is tough, but if you do manage to Mind Control it you will get the "Xavier" achievement as well as knowledge of the Ethereal's abilities, movement range, and defenses in single player mode. Lacking a "weapon" per se, the Ethereal's "weapon" is the Psi Focus. Multiplayer[] Ethereals cost points, so they are unusable in ranked matches; however, Ethereals are still powerful units in Multiplayer , especially with their Rift ability, as it does large amount of damage to targets that have a low Will it also damages robotic units and it kills Cyberdiscs outright.

Trivia[] Despite being described as physically frail, Ethereals have health pools comparable to Muton Elites and Berserkers coupled with a significantly higher Defense rating; consequently, Ethereals are the most sturdy organic enemy in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

It is stated by Doctor Vahlen, however, that they possess "an incredible pool of psionic energy"; this, combined with their high Defense, ability to reflect projectiles, and resistance to critical hits, strongly implies that their remarkable durability is a manifestation of their psionic powers, rather than the toughness of their physical bodies. Since the Uber Ethereal's dialogue in the final mission hints that the Ethereals were failed experiments who were "cast out," "doomed to feed off the Gift of lesser beings," and who "failed to ascend as they thought we would," and since he outright states that the purpose of their myriad invasions against the other alien races they encountered was to find a species that combined an "enduring physical form" with "the Gift," it is highly probable that their final intent was to enlist humanity's aid in an upcoming struggle with an unknown enemy potentially their creators.

XCOM 2 suggests that the Ethereal's goal all along was to utilize humanity as hosts for their minds in order to combat an unknown psionic alien threat. Performing an autopsy on an ethereal will prompt Dr. Vahlen to mention that an individual can live to be several thousand years old.

See also[] Uber Ethereal - The final boss, an improved version of the Ethereal. The caste as a whole is guided by a body referred to as the Council of the Highest, also known more simply as the Ethereal High Council, consisting of all of the most senior Ethereals in the T'au Empire.

No single individual heads this council, and it tends to be guided by the wisdom of whichever Ethereal is regarded by his peers as pre-eminent at the time and is known as the "Ethereal Supreme. Some Ethereals have been known to accompany T'au forces into battle, and indeed a number always accompany T'au colonisation and expansion forces.

It has been theorised by Imperial scholars that T'au, especially those of the Fire Caste, not operating under the high-level guidance of an Ethereal are likely to regress to the warlike state that so nearly destroyed their species at the dawn of its history. Needless to say, there are those amongst the Imperium keen to investigate this matter further, in the hope that targeted assassination of key Ethereals might bring about a favourable strategic situation in the Eastern Fringe of the galaxy.

It is not necessary for Ethereals to participate in every conflict at the tactical level, as Fire Caste warriors are quite capable of operating without them being close at hand. It appears, however, that an Ethereal should be present at the operational or strategic level to ensure the stability of those under his command. Aun'shi fights against the Ork foe. Very rarely, Ethereals participate in a battle to provide inspirational leadership, in order to push the warriors on to achieve otherwise impossible things in the name of the Greater Good.

The presence of an Ethereal is not as a mere figurehead; they are also reverential leaders for whom any T'au would willingly lay down his or her life. By invoking the elemental truths, an Ethereal can inspire those around him to perform feats above and beyond what is normally considered possible -- bravery in the face of certain death, an increased focus as enemies draw near, an ability to withstand crippling pain or a sudden celerity that allows them to maintain a weight of fire even on the move.

The T'au themselves do not question the source of these powers, accepting the greatness of their leaders on faith. There is a downside to this, however, for should the Ethereal fall in combat, the remaining T'au may be consumed with maddening grief. Sometimes they collapse in total disarray, even if they could easily have won the engagement.

Other times they overcome their dismay and become filled with anger, fighting all the more furiously against the enemy in order to take revenge for their loss. When this happens, the T'au do not run forward into barbaric close combat but instead advance slowly, steadily pouring ever greater amounts of firepower into the enemy. In order to prevent the loss of an Ethereal in battle, they are usually accompanied by an Honour Guard of veteran Fire Warriors who have chosen to forgo the normal progression to Battlesuit pilot and then T'au Commander.

These Fire Warriors are dedicated in their role of protection of their Ethereal, and will gladly lay down their lives to save his. The method by which the Ethereals maintain control over their species is unknown to the Imperium, and possibly even to those they rule. The authority of an Ethereal over the members of the other castes is so absolute that if one were to order a lower caste T'au to kill himself, that T'au would be met with instant and unquestioning obedience.

Many assume such manipulation is a form of innate psychic ability; others feel that the faultless loyalty the Ethereals inspire has been contrived by some unseen technology, prenatal indoctrination or is even the result of some pheromone-based biochemical reaction. The most primitive alien species T'au forces have encountered believe the Ethereals are deified beings, leaders of an advanced people chosen for greatness. Naturally, the Ethereals themselves help propagate and encourage this particular myth.

As the T'au do their utmost to prevent any Ethereal from being slain or captured, there have been few opportunities to conduct tests, and those that have been performed offer no conclusions, and far more questions. Those few Ethereals that have been captured and subjected to Imperial interrogation have proven less than forthcoming. Additionally, several studies have been undertaken by the Imperium, and the Ordo Xenos ' Deathwatch is even in the possession of a low-ranked member of the caste, having captured him as his vessel passed through an unclaimed system near T'au-controlled space.

Prior to the capture of this specimen, it was assumed that the Ethereals must utilise some unidentified method of biological, psychic or even pheromone control over the T'au. The Ethereals sport an unidentified organ in the centre of their foreheads, a smaller version of which is possessed by other castes. It was assumed that this organ must be key to the control effect, yet the specimen captured has been extensively examined and no functioning biological system has been identified.

Either the captured Ethereal is a deliberate attempt to misdirect the Imperium, or the matter is far more esoteric than had previously been thought. Ethereal Anatomy and Physiology Note: The canonicity of this section has been questioned due to conflict with other sources. Dissection of a female Ethereal by an Imperial Magos Biologis ; letters correspond to text at left. The following information was gleaned from a dissection report conducted by Magos Biologis Sharle Darvus: Detailed look at unknown Ethereal "Diamond Organ", see text below.

Subject: Tau tau, Tau "Ethereal". Age: 61 Tau'cyrs Approx. Cause of death is asphyxia following cyanide intake. NB: Specimen was poisoned during sleep, without obvious distress. Endoskeletal "skull" reveals age-knitted growth plates: close analogy to human cranium. Cavity contains spongy cerebrum encased in fluidic membrane. Olfactory Chasm. Evidence of densely-massed subdermal receptor neurons; unexpected size and complexity of cilia.

Conclusion: subject's scent-detection vastly superior. NB: Ethereal Caste displays unknown "diamond" organ. Occular organs. Lateral arrangement. Primitive photoreceptors suggest limited sensitivity of vision. Conclusion: subject relies upon advanced olfactory senses and technology?

Internal cavity. Endoskeletal cage of vertical ribs contains upper vital organs. Note size of single folded lung, evidence of vestigial secondary stomachs cf. Conclusion: efficiency and durability of internal organs comparable to our own i. Upper limbs. Three manipulatory digits plus opposable thumbs. Unblemished dermis suggests manual labour atypical. Clothing majority removed.

Complex woven fabric material unknown ; geometric patterns styled in copper filigree. Perambulatory limbs. Tertiary joints analogous to Terran artiodactyls even-toed hoofed animals : suggests evolution from cloven-hoofed ruminant Terran analogues include goats and sheep. Extreme vulnerability of padded elements incongruous with general robustness of subject. Speculation: unusual periods or accelerated racial development have not advanced all organs at uniform rate.

Skeletal cross-section. High concentration of porous nodules suggests efficient perspiration process typical of arid-indigenous organism. Secondary stratum above musculature comprises complex tubular runnels, including capillaries and glandular nodules. Detail Inset: Quadravalvic heart. Atria are distinct from ventricles, and divided by complex filter-sheaths.

Speculation: Subject's heart doubles as liver, delivering impurities from circulatory and digestive systems alike, to be filtered and removed as waste. Skull Detail: Unknown "diamond-organ" in the forehead of the Tau Ethereal. Rear ganglia connects to cerebral lobe. Polyp-structures vaguely reminiscent of "pheromone" glands amongst Terran invertebrates cf. Speculation: Perhaps a pheromonal communication system? The sensitivity of Tau olfactory senses would certainly support a process of airborne chemical "signifiers.

Results are inconclusive, and the purpose of this organ remains unknown. General Observation: Subject's anatomy suggests a highly developed species of analogous physical durability to Mankind. Is this racial parallelism purely coincidental? Ralei: "So, do you have a name? I know you understand me. My servant Dorvus tells me you've been trying to convince him to release you for hours. Your command of our language is very impressive.

Your race has never struck us as interested in learning. Mercifully we aren't all alike. For example, Aun -- that's what your caste is called, yes? I should be delighted if you would tell me all that you can about the Tau-var. If I am denied the company of my people I can at least represent their righteousness.

The Tau'va is the one true pathway. Where gue'las place your faith in a god that con affect your life not at all, the Tau'va brings every T'au to contentment. The Greater Good. The knowledge that staring inwards one finds only solitude, but by staring outwards, by devoting oneself to the race and its quest for perfection, there is harmony and peace.

Ralei: "An ongoing quest? So you admit your empire is not yet perfect? What is? The Tau'va is the path, gue'la, not the destination. Why should we rail against that which makes most sense? Each T'au is free to choose their destiny. That they all choose the Tau'va is merely testament to its righteousness. It is a unifying ideal. Ah, yes. I've heard that argument before. And what happens when you find someone who doesn't want to be unified, eh?