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Kamal ravikant cryptocurrency n2 pro dash cam

Kamal ravikant cryptocurrency

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Ash Bennington A startup led by former Facebook and Google employees is launching a cryptocurrency index fund. Backed by AngelList founder Naval Ravikant, Bitwise Asset Management is today coming out of stealth mode to reveal its first product, the Bitwise Hold10 Private Index Fund — a market cap-weighted basket of the top 10 cryptocurrencies by network value. With the launch, investors who participate in the fund will own shares meant to reflect the value of the underlying assets, allowing them to achieve what BitWise argues is a broad exposure to the cryptocurrency market.

The fund's co-founders are Hunter Horsley, a former Facebook and Instagram product manager and Wharton graduate, and Hong Kim, a Google veteran and former Korean military software security expert. Horsley told CoinDesk: "We want to create a meaningful and secure way to own a portfolio of cryptocurrency. We feel that, today, it's too hard and it's too expensive. According to Horsley, prior to March of , investors could gain broad exposure to the cryptocurrency asset class simply by owning bitcoin, which until then represented 85 percent of the total market value.

Fees and features But amidst a boom in the number of investment options available, Horsely intends to compete on more than simply market knowledge. Notably, the fund charges just 2 percent on an annualized basis. But she is weak and in pain.

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Member Access. Member Access; Kamal Ravikant: Cryptocurrency. 12/31/ · Layer 2. This is an entry in CoinDesk's Most Influential in Blockchain series. Ask Naval Ravikant his proudest accomplishments of , and he mentions a part . 8. A firm is just a "nexus of contracts." Payroll contracts with employees, profit contracts with shareholders, debt contracts with lenders, delivery contracts with customers, tax contracts .