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Double result bet nba investing 101 epub gratis

Double result bet nba

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However, the idea is to consider how teams perform in both the first and second half. Think of it this way — some teams tend to open strong and then lose stamina as the game progresses. However, some Double Result selections are inherently more or less probable, regardless of all the other factors.

For example, major upsets and comebacks are not all that common in the real world. A team that falls behind early is much more likely to lose than to turn things around before the final whistle. Keep this in mind before figuring out your Double Result betting strategy. The example above shows an NFL match between the Patriots and Seahawks had a half-time score of with a final score of Overtime play is included in determining the final result for double result bets in basketball. The tie is not offered as a selection for the final match result when placing a double result bet.

The NBA match above between the Celtics and Heat resulted in a score-line of at half-time and finished in similar fashion with the Heat winning Double Result Betting in Ice Hockey NHL Double result betting in ice hockey is based on the outcome at the end of the 1st period and the final match result.

As there are 3 periods in ice hockey, it is not possible to use a half-time result. The final match result includes any over time that needs to be played to get a result. In the NHL match above between Tampa Bay Lightning and the Dallas Stars, the Lightning lead at the end of the first period and went on to dominate the match finishing winners. The double result bet is taken based on the outcome at the end of the 5th inning and the match winner.

However, the match must be played through until at least 9 innings for the bet to stand. Extra innings are counted in determining the match winner. In the example above, the match between the White Sox and the Indians was after 5 innings of baseball. The final match result, , was a win for the Indians.

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